печатница Новема принт

„NovemaPrint“ – Bulgaria with new modern laminator from SOMA Engineering

This important acquisition for the company „Novema-Tsanko Tzanev“ was received as a result of winning a European project under the program „Competitiveness 2007-2013”.

The new laminator is designed for continuous lamination and for multilayer laminates („roll-roll“), with binary and single component polyurethane adhesives without the use of solvents (solventless). This technology is very important and appropriate for combined packaging materials for food products. This production is associated with obtaining of multilayer materials with low migration (or lack) from the packaging material to the product.

Lamiflex E of the company SOMA Engineering has some excellent technical characteristics for obtaining high-quality output. The shaft-less unwind and rewind system is an own development of SOMA. Through it can be achieved a wide range of tension of the substrate by unwinding and rewinding. For example, the lower limit of tension of the unwinding and rewinding device is very low, which enables to be laminated very thin polymeric film, AI-foil, paper and more, without risk of rupture. Development of the Company is and the entire module for applying of the glue. It consists of modern multishaft system, with applying the adhesive to different working widths.

The new laminating machine in “Novemaprint” – Bulgaria has all the modern devices used widely for the implementation of this technology: 4 regulators of the tension, adhesive roller temperature control system, corona – surface tension treater, system for quick removal of ozone, Touch Screen Control Panel with memory for 1000 orders and more. The machine is with solid and robust construction, guaranteeing optimal dynamic opportunities with working speeds of 400 m / min. With these superior performance of Lamiflex E can be assembled by gluing PE, PP, BOPP, PET, OPA, Cast PP, Cast PA, Al-foil, paper and more. As a result, the combined materials significantly expand the assortment of flexible substrates used for various applications in packaging.

SOMA Engineering has a strong presence in the Bulgarian Printing and Packaging industry. In the recent years in the country were installed and there are working several modern flexoprinting machines, laminating machines and several die cutting presses.